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Check out my compatibility and needs results! I think they say more about me than I could write here, but since people like to read stuff in this space, here it goes:

Check out this website for further details about Hi! My name is Michael and I am looking for a match. Many have said I lead a very interesting life.. I've been told I look like a few different movie stars, in no particular order, the Asian kid from Indiana Jones, the Asian kid from The Goonies, the Asian kid from 16 candles and Molly Ringwald. (crazy facebook tests!) As you can imagine I'm always getting asked for autographs.

NO MORE GROUPIES! I am now looking for someone to join me. I have to admit while I am very adventurous, I enjoy relaxing with a good movie and a great glass of wine as well. I am in my mid-thirties, I live alone in my own home, and I work for a great company. My job brings immense variety to my life. I work with computers and I crave knowledge of new technologies. I also am a licensed massage therapist, a career I love. I am passionate about art... I try to find creativeness in every aspect of my life. Photography and travel hold a certain greatness in my life. I also enjoy snowboarding, golfing, hiking, going to see local musicians at venues, local wine tastings, and I'm a car guy. I am a very calm person, there really isn't much that gets under my skin. I am laid back and always ready to go do the next exciting thing out there. There isn't really anything I would be opposed to doing, as long as I have new experiences and gain a knowledge for something, I am all for it. I recently spent 2. 5 years growing out my hair to donate to a great charity called Children with Hairloss. They make wigs for children who have undergone Chemo therapy (similar to Locks of Love) but don't charge the famlies for those wigs (unlike Locks of Love who does charge).

I'm looking for a match who is friendly, outgoing and enjoys good conversation and laughing. A strong sense of adventure is a huge plus, I'm not talking about wanting to become a freedom fighter either, more like the ability to be spontaneous, or ride some roller coasters or go bungee jumping. Enjoying travel would help immensely since I love to travel so much.

Work/life balance plays a huge roll in my life. Whilst I have a strong work ethic, I definitely take more pleasure and pride in the life side of things and I'd be delighted to meet a woman who also shares this perspective.

Check out this website for further details about
First Date
First date would be something fun where we can talk, get to know each other better, no movies!

Coffee shops, bowling or even just walking/hiking in a park is a good time.